NAMZ is always thinking of ways to help our customers get what they want. If it’s power you’re looking for, we have you covered. Obviously, most people don;t want to cut their harness apart so our jog here is to find “Plug-n-Play” solutions. Our On-Board Diagnostic or OBDP Kits are both 100% Plug-n-Play & give you two different power options. The NOBD-PYH or Power “Y” Harness gives you (2) available ports to tap for 12-volt switched power. This is great for testing using the OBDP & keeping your optional accessory plug in at the same time. The second, NOB-PP01 or On Board Power Port acts like a cigarette lighter port in your automobile. Works great for IPhone chargers, cell phone chargers or GPS power cords. Simply “click” your mouse of the small picture above the part number and that kit will appear in the large photo box.