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Letric Lighting Co. 45-Calibur Mini-LED’s

Gun Metal Anodized, ultra-bright, MINI LED’s with WHITE running light and AMBER turn signal, RED/RED or just RED turn signal, sold in pairs. Conical lens for brighter illumination and wider array, mount in a 3/16″ hole with a 5/16″ lock washer and jam nut for easy installation!









Letric Lighting Co. Rebel 7″ & 5.75″ LED Headlamps with integrated White Running Lights with Amber Switchback Turn Signals

Deluxe 7″ or 5.75″ LED Black wide-array Headlamp with integrated SWITCHBACK Turn Signals. 100% Plug-n-Play and the 7″ version includes mounting adapter! (Side LED’s are both white running lights until either turn signal is activated. The signal flashes from amber to off before switching back to a white running light.)

NAMZ OEM Replacement Power Harness

OEM Replacement electrical power connection for navigation, audio, heated grips or charging ports. Supplies ground, switched and 12+ battery power without CAN/Bus interference. Fits: ’18-Later Softail & ’17-Later Touring Models.


Ignition Switch Converter Module

NAMZ CAN/Bus – Ignition Switch Converter Module. Allows the use of any aftermarket Ignition or Accessory switch on ALL Harley CAN/Bus models. (not for use on keyless models)


 NAMZ Rear Fender Harness Adapter 1 NAMZ Rear Fender Harness Adapter 2

Rear Fender Harnesses Adapter Pigtails

NAMZ Rear Fender Harness Adapter, intended to fit onto (Road King & Electra Glide 1997-2013) (Road Glide 1998-2009) (Street Glide 2006-2009) and allow the OEM rear fender harness from a 2010-2013 Road Glide or Street Glide or a a 2014-Up Road Glide or Street Glide to connect 100% plug-n-play.


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