NAMZ Custom Cycle Products

Your Source for Premium Motorcycle Electrics & More

Ride with quality. NAMZ has been the leading provider of custom & OEM motorcycle electrics for nearly three decades. From our iconic wiring extensions or complete wiring harnesses, to plug-n-play lighting modules and circuit engineering, we are passionate about crafting the very best parts for all types of bikes.

So ditch the cheap knock-offs and trust NAMZ, the #1 American-made choice, for your custom motorcycle parts!


NAMZ Motorcycle Wiring Products

  • Component wiring harnesses and extensions
  • Complete motorcycle wiring harnesses
  • Installation supplies and hard parts for your motorcycle
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Badlands Motorcycle Lighting Modules

  • American made motorcycle lighting modules
  • Load Equalizers, Self Canceling or Run-Brake & Turn Signal Modules
  • View more motorcycle lighting modules options
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Letric Lighting Co: Motorcycle LED Lights

  • LED Lights for Motorcycles
  • Harley-Davidson, Indian and multi-fit LED Lighting options
  • See our full selection of LED motorcycle lights


Brands You Can Trust

Choose NAMZ for Your Motorcycle Electrical Needs

Don’t take chances! NAMZ parts are not just the pulse of your motorcycle’s electrical system – we’re the heartbeat. For almost 30 years, our passion has been crafting premium, American-made motorcycle electrical parts that keep your ride on the road. From a meticulously engineered custom motorcycle wiring harness, LED lighting keeping you safe and bright to a cutting-edge motorcycle lighting module, every component is a testament to our dedication to quality and innovation.

Choose the brand that pushes the boundaries of electrical performance and ignites the spirit of the open road. Choose NAMZ Custom Cycle Products.