About NAMZ Custom Cycle Products

Our bold entrance into custom motorcycle wiring began almost three-decades ago when we designed our first stainless steel braided wiring harness for motorcycles. Since it was something that most people haven’t seen on a motorcycle before, it got some serious attention. Many thought the harnesses would be a great addition to their bike, so we decided to give them what they wanted. NAMZ Custom Cycle Products, LLC was born.

We are now proud to offer a complete line of custom & OEM motorcycle electrics, including a wide array of OEM and custom wiring harnesses, connectors, terminals, installation supplies like red, blue yellow crimp terminals, primary wire, heat shrink, extruded tubing, switches, fuses and circuit breakers. We still do offer stainless-steel wiring harnesses for handlebar controls, headlights, tachometers, turn signals, regulators, oil sending switches, ignitions, brake switches and any other custom motorcycle wiring application to suit your needs. We also own Badlands Motorcycle Products, the original lighting module company founded in 1990 to include our most recent creation, Letric Lighting Co. LED lighting founded in 2018.

It’s our goal to provide our customers with the finest OEM & aftermarket motorcycle products made. For almost 20-years, NAMZ has become the leader in OEM wiring harness & electrical component manufacturing along with circuit engineering, module and lighting design & assembly. Many of the electrical items that you buy for your motorcycle may have started here in our building! We use only the best machinery & tooling allowing us to produce high quality, custom parts for motorcycles of all types. Our staff is very passionate & dedicated to ensuring our customers receive only the very best products, every time. Feel free to contact us with your own ideas as we can make them come to life.

Our love for the motorcycle industry is obvious. You will always find us at every major motorcycle event and rally. We will be there to answer all of your questions, concerns and use your suggestions to help better our company. This industry is not only the most stereotyped by outsiders, but one of the most attractive to motorcycle enthusiasts all over the world. There are even a few companies out there that were born simply by copying our ideas and designs, a form of flattery but not the most ethical of decisions. Regardless, we know our business was built on Jeff’s good ideas along with his sound business leadership. Our customers also agree with our philosophy and that is why we are the very best at what we do. If you don’t see our name or logo on your products, chances are you have some cheaply made, Chinese knock-off. So be sure to only spend your hard earned money on American Made, quality NAMZ products! Thank you from all of us here at NAMZ Custom Cycle Products.

We care about our customers. Feel free to contact us with your questions or concerns and someone will respond accordingly. Thank you for your continued support!

Phone: 610-265-7100