NAMZ Stainless Steel Braided & Clear-Coated – Ready-to-Install Harness Kits

The NAMZ Braided & Clear-Coated – Ready-to-Install Kits were one of the very first products we offered back in 1999. Our Braided & Clear-Coated – Ready-to-Install Kits are a great way to clean up ugly wiring while matching braiding cables and hoses. Below you will find our complete line of ready to install kits for handlebar headlights, tachometers, turn signals and our brake switch harness.

NOTE: If you have a factory Harley Davidson and wish to purchase our headlight harness, let us know when you order and we can pre-install a NEW 4-position AMP Multilock connector so you can plug it right in!

NOTE, if you have a factory Harley Davidson, we can pre-install a new 6-position AMP Multilock Plug on our Turn Signal Harnesses so you can plug right back into the stock harness. Please let us know when you order!

When you purchase any NAMZ wiring product, you can be confident knowing that our harnesses are made in our facility, right here in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We take great pride in providing you the very best wiring, electrical and lighting products in the motorcycle industry since 1999. 🇺🇲

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