Badlands Automatic Custom Motorcycle Turn Signal Canceling Modules

All Badlands ATS™ Self Canceling Turn Signal Modules are designed to provide you with self-canceling turn signals on early Harley models that never had this feature or on late model Harley’s that have an obsolete TSM or TSSM.

  • Simple to install, this module adds self-canceling turn signal feature to any vehicle.
  • The perfect replacement for the obsolete OEM TSM/TSSM.
  • You will no longer need a Load Equalizer once you install this module.
  • When either the left or right turn signal button is pressed, our module will automatically shut off after 22-seconds.
  • Integrated 4-way flasher and will work with any style light, incandescent, halogen or LED.
  • Many plug-n-play versions available, to include a hardwired version for universal applications.

Since there are so many different Badlands Modules available, it’s hard to know which is the best for your application. Lets start off by asking questions.

  • Do you need to replace a defective OEM self-canceling turn signal module or do you want to add self-canceling turn signals to an early model that never had them?
  • If so, you will need an ATS-03 Module and we offer several plug-n-play models along with a hard-wired version for American Made motorcycles.  See fitment chart and wiring schematic here
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