Letric Sportster LED Taillights

Letric Lighting Co. is here to help with bringing stylish but safe chopped fenders back. When removing the stock reflector on the Sportster®, it sure does look better, however it comes at some risk of visibility. Our Sportster LED Taillights mitigate that visibility risk.

Our Sportster LED Taillights fit tight to the fender to keep the clean chopped fender appearance but offer the additional lighting that’s needed to stay safe on the road. This is a great upgrade for those who want to balance visibility with style.

Easy to install, and with three different lens options, the Sportster® taillights have something for everyone. For the brightest effect, the clear lens produces a brilliant red glow, the red lens is a sleeper until you hit the brake, and the smoked lens completes a truly murdered out appearance.

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