NAMZ Wiring Book

When Tim Remus asked me to write a book I thought he was crazy but after all of the hard work it was a great idea! Not only did I truly enjoy writing the book but I also realized how important this book will be to it’s readers. If you own a Harley Davidson or a custom bike, this book will help you to understand the basics and give you some in-depth knowledge of your motorcycle’s wiring. Thanks for reading our book and supporting NAMZ Custom Cycle Products!

– Jeff Zielinski, President & Founder

How To: Advanced Custom Motorcycle Wiring

  • Our 144-page book contains a ton of helpful knowledge, wiring diagrams and schematics and boasts over 350 color pictures for your reading pleasure.
  • The book has ten chapters going over basic DC voltage, batteries, starters & alternators, factory harnesses, lighting and ignition systems just to name a few.
  • Many color photographs of industry professionals installing, modifying and repair custom and factory installed wiring harnesses.
  • This book is easy to read and should become a staple in any riders library.

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