NAMZ OEM Replacement Ignition Harnesses, Stand-Alone Twin Cam and M8 EFI & Carbureted Systems

We engineered our OEM Replacement Ignition Harnesses when the factory started making harnesses obsolete for whatever reason, however, we felt there was still a need, so we got to work re-engineering them. The three ignition harnesses below are no exception, perfect color-matching replacements or allows riders to easily swap from the troubled Marelli Electronic Fuel Injection over to a carburetor. Each harness comes ready to install just like the obsolete factory version. What better way to keep your older HD on the road instead of in the shop or on your lift.

When you purchase any NAMZ wiring product, you can be confident knowing that our harnesses are made in our facility, right here in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We take great pride in providing you the very best wiring, electrical and lighting products in the motorcycle industry since 1999. 🇺🇲

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