Letric Standard LED Turn Signals

Using the latest in LED technology, Letric Lighting Co. brings you the brightest Standard LED Turn Signals on the market. Our STANDARD Bullet Style Turn Signal Inserts utilize (48) SMD (Surface Mount Diodes) which produce a crisper brighter light than traditional through-hole diodes. Additionally, the lifespan of an SMD is substantially longer and less prone to failure than through hole diodes.

Our Standard LED Turn Signals are 100% Plug-N-Play. Simply identify the type of socket needed 1156 (single function) or 1157 (dual function), and select the color(s) of the light you want! Utilizing either the stock or an aftermarket lens in the color of your choice, the lens will push the LED up against a rubber gasket and prevent the LED from moving while riding.

Our STANDARD Bullet Style Turn Signal Inserts have a conformal coated circuit board helping to prevent damage due to moisture or corrosion.  Available in a SWITCHBACK technology where ALL 48-LED’s light up in each color. When the running light is on, you will see our crisp white LED light shine through. When the turn signal is engaged, our technology offers a smooth transition from white running lights to amber color turn signals (FRONT ONLY). STANDARD Bullet Inserts come with a complete Lifetime Warranty!

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