NAMZ Throttle-by-Wire Extension Harness Kits

Our Throttle-by-Wire Extension Harness Kits make sense since the factory added Throttle-by-Wire to the 2016 Softail models. The reason for the new part number is that change in connector on the bike side of the throttle-by-wire harness. The new, much smaller JST connector has 6-positions and believe it or not, will fish easily through most handlebars. It would have been impossible to hide the larger Molex connector on the Softail so they changed 2016-Up baggers as well. No more splicing, simple Plug-n-Play technology and ready to install!

Our Throttle-by-Wire Extension Harness Kits have been tested and designed by our engineers to work perfectly WITHOUT causing any harm or interference to the motorcycles computer or BCM.

Our NEW Throttle-by-Wire “Plug-n-Play” wiring harness is a no brainer when adding taller handlebars. Simply attach our mating harness onto the OEM harness and reconnect. Comes complete with installed OEM connectors.


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