Our 2014-Up Bagger Plug-n-Play Extended Switch Harnesses, NHCX-CB14, are a one-size-fits-most harness that is 100% Plug-n-Play and are the best way to wire up your taller handlebars. Do it right the first time, you’ll thank us later.

Begining in 2014, all Bagger models now have a removable handlebar switch harness with a small connector in the switch housing and another small connector located under the nacelle or fairing. So we made the exact same harness but much longer so with our 2014-Up Bagger Plug-n-Play Extended Switch Harnesses you can install the tallest ape hangers without cutting, splicing, soldering or messing with the new CAN/Bus BCM module. No more rats nest or fishing huge looms through handlebars!


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