NAMZ On-Board Power Ports & Y-Adapters

If it’s power you’re looking for, we have you covered with our On-Board Power Ports & Y-Adapters. Obviously, most people don’t want to cut their harness apart so our job here is to find “Plug-n-Play” solutions.

Our On-Board Power Ports & Y-Adapters are both 100% Plug-n-Play & give you two different power options. The NOBD-PYH or Power “Y” Harness gives you (2) available ports to tap for 12-volt switched power. This is great for testing using the OBDP & keeping your optional accessory plug in at the same time.

The second, NOB-PP01 or On Board Power Port acts like a cigarette lighter port in your automobile. Works great for iPhone chargers, cell phone chargers or GPS power cords.


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