Standard LED 3.5" Turn Signals

Our latest turn signal addition, Standard 3.5″ (flat lens style) LED Turn Signals are 100% Plug-n-Play and have a LIFETIME warranty! All turn signals are intended to simply install into your OEM flat lens style turn signal housings on (Dresser/Glide) HD models. The 1156 turn signals are single intensity, (one power wire, one ground wire) and the 1157 turn signals are dual intensity, (one wire for running light, one wire for turn signal and one wire for ground.

Your bike will have 1157 Amber signals in the front and 1156 Red signals in the rear. European models use 1156’s in the front and rear. Keep in mind, 2013-Earlier Dresser/Glide Models will require a Badlands LOAD EQUALIZER. Our LED’s are CAN/Bus compliant!

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