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Letric Lighting Co. LED Fender Tri-Bar lights and our CVO Fender Fascia Kits are a must have!

Letric Lighting Co. LED Tri-Bar lights are a huge improvement over the “factory” Tri-Bar Light, drastically improving visibility without losing functionality or changing connectors. Our Tri-Bar Lights are completely Plug-n-Play with three rows of bright LED’s for increased visibility. All of this is done under a smoked lens, so the rear fender still has a uniform visual appearance. Additionally, the integration of turn signals and brake lights takes this light to the next level. For the extra bit of comfort and security, while also looking sleek and stylish, the Tri-Bar light is a must have!

There is a reason the factory only produces a limited number of CVOs every year. Because they are meant to be top of the line, really cool and different from the norm. And one of the most unique pieces on a CVO can bolt right up to any FL model without much hassle. Our CVO Fender Fascia Kits have installed factory replica LED lighting, they are Plug-n-Play and available in a gloss black, paint ready finish. Giving you many options to customize your ride, these kits make it really easy to do. The kit is complete with mounting hardware, brackets, connectors and a color matching wire harness. Remove your stock turn signal bar, taillight and our Fascia Kit will provide running light, brake light and turn signal functions all on the Fascia rear turn signals.

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