Using the latest in LED technology, Letric Lighting Co. brings you the brightest LED’s on the market! Our Deluxe LED Inserts use brand new Chip On Board (COB) technology and a proprietary lens design to produce ultra-bright LED running light/turn signals. They are so bright, that they give the appearance of a single lighting panel rather than individual LED’s. Additionally, due to the proprietary lens’s convex shape and wattage produced by the COB LED’s, we have unparalleled angular diffusion, so the turn signals are seen both from the front and the side of the bike.

Installation of our Deluxe LED Inserts are a breeze. Simply identify the type of Bulb needed 1156 (single function) or 1157 (dual function), and determine the color / colors desired. Remove the old lens and bulb; install the DELUXE LED socket just as you would a new bulb and push lens into place.

These inserts are fully sealed preventing premature LED failure or moisture/corrosion on the board. DELUXE Bullet Inserts are fully Can/Bus compatible and require no additional modules or resistors.

ALSO available in SWITCHBACK variety. When the bike is turned on and the running light is active, you will see our crisp white shine through. When the turn signal is engaged, our technology offers a smooth transition from white running lights to amber color turn signals (FRONT ONLY). Bullet Inserts come with a Lifetime Warranty!


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