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Letric Lighting Co.’s Premium LED Passing Light Kits not only add a substantial amount of additional light for you to navigate, but they’re really good looking lights! If you find yourself riding at night, cloudy or low fog conditions, these Premium LED Passing Lamp Kits will give you the clear and visible path you need.

Safety is important and providing visible width from sidewalk to sidewalk, our bright white LED light with built in projector lenses provides a stylish way to be safe in any condition.

Upgrade your existing passing lamps and bracket with our crisp white LED lights and complete bracket and turn signal kits. Easy to install and it’s worth the investment!

Letric Passing Light kits are 100% Plug-n-Play for all 1997-Up HD Glide models. Available in Black or Chrome LED’s, gloss black powder coated or chrome finished buckets, brackets and turn signal housings.


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