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All Badlands Intensifiers™ High/Low Modules are designed to provide an inexpensive method to convert a (1) wire incandescent, Halogen or LED light into a dual function or HI/LOW light. Example, if you are installing an old school tail light that has only (1) wire for illumination and (1) wire for ground you would need our Badlands Intensifiers™, IHL-01, Module.

This module will allow you to have running and brake light illumination on that (1) single wire! If you purchased a new pair of turn signals and they only have (1) wire for illumination and (1) wire for ground, you would need our IHL-02 Module. You would install this module to the front or rear turn signal output wires and a protected switched 12+ power source. Then the output of our module would feature turn signal and running light functions on (1) wire per side. If room is an issue, (custom bike application) our IHL-03 Intensifier will perform the same functions of our IHL-02 but are only rated for 500-milliamps maximum.

Which is the right module for me?

Since there are so many different Badlands Modules available, it’s hard to know which is the best for your application. Lets start off by asking questions.

Do your new turn signals have (1) ground wire & (1) power wire but you need them to have running lights and turn signals? Does your old school taillight have (1) ground wire & (1) power wire but you need it to have a running and brake light? Does your passing lamps have (1) power wire but you want them to have HIGH & LOW beam?
If so, you will need a INTENSIFIER Module and we offer (3) universal versions that work on all motorcycle, IHL-01, IHL-02 and IHL-03. (See fitment chart and wiring schematic here.)



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