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All Badlands Illuminator™ Pro-III Modules are designed to provide you running light and turn signal functions to each of the front turn signals, running light, brake light and turn signal functions to each rear turn signal all on (1) wire per signal. The Badlands Illuminator™ Pro-III also has left and right indicator light outputs for factory or custom turn signal indicator options.

These modules are designed with a built-in 11-second Self Canceling feature which is perfect for all custom applications. Lastly, you do not need a Load Equalizer when using small incandescent bulbs, Halogen or LED turn signals (up to 50-watts per bulb or 200-watts total) since the ILL-PRO-III operates all lighting styles.

Which is the right module for me?

Since there are so many different Badlands Modules available, it’s hard to know which is the best for your application. Lets start off by asking questions.

Do you have a custom built bike or want to modify a stock motorcycle by add self-canceling front & rear turn signals with RUN & TURN signal functions for the front and RUN, BRAKE & TURN signal functions in the rear?
If so, you will need an ILLUMINATOR PRO-III Module and we offer two versions, (1) for American Made motorcycles, the ILL-PRO-III See fitment chart and wiring schematic here and (1) for Metric/European models, the ILL-PRO-III-M. See fitment chart and wiring schematic here



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