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All Badlands Automatic Turn Signal Canceling, ATS-03, Modules are designed to provide a less expensive alternative to the factory flasher module. The Badlands Automatic Turn Signal Canceling module not only has a built in 11-second flasher but it also is a Load Equalizer which allows you to use small incandescent bulbs, halogen bulbs or LED’s without any rapid-flashing issues. The ATS-03 also has a 4-way flasher feature for safety or parade mode just like the factory flasher unit. Whether you have a Plug-n-Play module or the hard-wired version, ATS-03 Modules all work the same.

Which is the right module for me?

Since there are so many different Badlands Modules available, it’s hard to know which is the best for your application. Lets start off by asking questions.

  • Do you need to replace a defective OEM self-canceling turn signal module or do you want to add self-canceling turn signals to an early model that never had them?
  • If so, you will need an ATS-03 Module and we offer several plug-n-play models along with a hard-wired version for American Made motorcycles.  See fitment chart and wiring schematic here


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