NAMZ OEM Replacement Connectors!

NEW! The new, must haves are now available on our site! The first connector can be found on 2004-Up Speedo’s & Tach’s and the rear fender Tri-Bar light on 2010-Up Street and Road Glides. The second is the tour-pack light bar connector found on 2014-Up dresser tour packs. Lastly, the final connector can be found at the factory BCM and Radio on 2014-Up models!









NAMZ 24-Spool OEM Color Wire and Racks!

NEW! So you needed some extra room because you’re shop is a mess? Or do you just want to get more organized? Either way, we have you covered. Our new compact wire racks are perfect for any shop, dealership or weekend mechanic. Comes complete with the 24 most popular colors of 18-gauge wire on 100-foot spools. Measures only 9″ wide, 13′ tall and 6′ deep! Racks can be mounted on the wall or sit on a bench.










NSC-01, NAMZ Switch Converter Module!

We have had many requests to build a momentary switch converter that would allow customers using momentary (ON) switches for headlights and a run switch the ability to toggle as a HIGH/LOW switch and a kill, ON/OFF switch. Here it is, easy to install, OEM color matching wires and comes with necessary heat shrink and color instructions!










Complete Bike Wiring Harnesses are finally HERE!

This is a project that we have been looking to do for 10 years now and we finally got it done! A very user friendly and simple to install harness comes with all the materials you need to get the job done. Ignitions and key switches are sold separately. Found in the PRODUCTS tab, PNP Harnesses Button.









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