Our goal at NAMZ is to provide the very best customer service before, during and after the sale. To us, it doesn’t matter where you purchase our motorcycle products because our name is on it and we want you to do it right, the first time. With that being said, we wanted to give you the technical support you need, 24-hours a day, 365-days a week. Please find a complete listing of our installation instructions, tech tips and other helpful guides for your motorcycle wiring below.

You can search our entire website by OEM part number or simply (click here) for a full OEM to NAMZ part number Cross Reference List!

Handlerbar Switch Wiring Extensions: (Note, pictures of connectors are for reference only.)

Front Turn Signal Extensions:

Throttle-by-Wire Extensions & Plug-n-Play Harness:

American Ironhorse HOT BOX Power Harness

Hot Box Fender Harness Wiring Kits

Chrome Bullit Headlight:

NAMZ CAN/Bus Controller:

Complete Bike Wiring Harness Kit:

Drag Specialties LED Gas Caps:

  • Installation & Programing Instructions
  • There are only two issues that would cause the gas cap electronics not to operate properly.If your cap has: two short flashes then remains on for a short time, then repeats, you may have an open sender. Check sender connections.If your cap has: two short flashes then turns off for a short time then repeats, you may have a short in the fuel sender wiring.¬†Check wiring and verify sender operation.

Badlands Module Instructions

Badlands Automatic Turn Signal Canceling Module:

Badlands Intensifier HI/LOW Modules:

Badlands Brake Light Eliminator Module:

Badlands Illuminator RUN/BRAKE/TURN Modules:

Badlands Illuminator Isolator Modules:

Badlands Load Equalizer I, II & III Modules:

Badlands CAN/Bus Load EQ’s & Illuminator Modules:

Badlands Illuminator PRO-III Module:

Badlands Victory Motorcycle Illuminator Modules:

Badlands METRIC Illuminator PRO-III-M Module:

Badlands METRIC Load Equalizer II Module for Honda Motorcycles ONLY:

Badlands METRIC Load Equalizer IIII Module:

Badlands METRIC Illuminator RUN/BRAKE/TURN Module for CRUSIERS:

Badlands METRIC Illuminator RUN/BRAKE/TURN Module for SPORT BIKES:

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